Optical Lens Manufacturers

1Shanghai Optics supplies photonics products worldwide. The products include the optical components, opto- mechanical assemblies and the lens systems. The company is the leading supplier of these products for the military, pharmaceuticals, industrial, commercial biotechnology and the research centers. The professional team at Shanghai Optics is dedicated to give the customers the best optical solutions, designed and manufactured with high- end precision. The system designs are manufactured with the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) in the prototyping and the also in the volume production of the optic products. Shanghai Optics has an experience of over 53 years in this specialty. This has enabled them to produce the best products for the customers. The products have an innovative functionality. They are also cost effective, helping the customers to save a lot while still having the best quality and top functionality of the solutions. The Shanghai Optics uses metrology and a philosophy that markets their products at the top of the global market.

Services and the Benefits.
The services offered include the Design for Manufacturing, optical system design and optimization, assembly and sub assembly of the optical system, reverse engineering and the fabrication of the custom optics. The guaranteed benefits for the customers are unlimited. Apart from the prices being very competitive, the products are of high assured quality with guaranteed top most performance. The whole process form the design, manufacturing and the assembly follows the quality ISO: 9001 standards. The lead times are very short and prototyping is rapid. The company offers a complete box with build solutions for the customers. The engineering team at Shanghai Optics is highly trained having a great experience. The company’s engineers are very flexibly and innovative enabling them to design solutions to suit your requirement. They also give you free recommendations to give the perfect product for you.

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